Houston Criminal Defense Attorney

Houston Assault and Battery Attorney

The Houston criminal attorney is an experienced criminal defense lawyer specializing in all types of criminal law, but especially in the realm of violent crime. If you or your loved one has been accused of assault and battery in the Houston area, please contact our office as soon as possible to hear how we can possibly help your case.

Assault and battery is the pairing of two different violent crimes: assault (which is the threat of violence) and battery (actual physical violence). In order for your assault and battery charges to stick, the prosecution must prove that you actually touched the alleged victim.

Our Houston Criminal Attorney is an Expert Examiner

A prosecutor may attempt to validate such claims by taking witness statements and piecing together the alleged crime. However the fact is sometimes witnesses can remember events inaccurately or even completely fabricate their witness testimony. The Houston criminal defense attorney is an expert examiner that will bring the truth to light in your case.

Victim injuries are obviously more difficult to defend against, but all hope is never lost with the Houston criminal defense attorney. Even if you did commit a crime and a conviction is reached, the expert negotiating skills of the Houston criminal defense attorney are guaranteed to get you the best outcome possible for your cases.

Not every conviction has to equate to jail time, especially if an offender has not previous criminal history. And even if a client does have a record, any good behavior and character witness testimony can be used to alter the outcome of a case.

If you have been charged for assault and battery, the Houston criminal defense attorney can help. Contact our criminal defense firm today for an immediate consultation.