Houston Criminal Defense Attorney


The Houston criminal attorney is an experienced criminal defense lawyer specializing in all types of criminal law, but especially in the realm of DWI offenses. If you or your loved one has been arrested for DWI in the Houston area, please contact our office as soon as possible to hear how we can possibly help your case.

Even just a first-time DWI offense is punished severely in the state of Texas. The state of Texas technically mandates jail time for every DWI conviction. However, first-time offenders can usually have this sentence suspended by a judge in exchange for a period of probation.

Our Houston Criminal Lawyer Provides Skilled Defense

Clients that have had multiple DUI arrests or convictions need to contact us here at the law office of the Houston criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible to minimize the damage of their previous offenses. Because DWI punishments increase with each DWI, in addition to jail time you will lose your license and may be required to attend a rehabilitative treatment program. These are just the basic consequences for multiple DWIs, and do no include any punishments at the judge’s discretion.

The key to subsidizing DWI consequences is to appoint an expert attorney. If a case dismissal is not possible, our legal team will work with you to negotiate with the prosecution and the judge for the best sentence possible.

If you are facing a DWI in the Houston area, contact our office as soon as possible to begin discussing your case.