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White Collar Crime Lawyer in Texas

Your reputation is at stake when facing a white collar crime charge such as a computer crime, credit card fraud, embezzlement, identity theft or bribery. If convicted the consequences may impact the rest of your life, it can affect your ability to get a professional license or even a job.

Our Houston criminal defense law firm is highly skilled at representing clients who have been accused of such charges with a very good success rate. We meticulously investigate all circumstances of the case and build a strong defense in support of your defense. Our Houston criminal attorney will also dig to determine that the charges were not fabricated to provide a basis for dismissal of an employee.

We serve clients in the greater Houston area. If you find yourself or a loved one under investigation for a white collar crime, don’t delay. Contact an experienced criminal attorney at our law firm.

Rely on Our Criminal Lawyer to Handle Complex Matters

A white collar crime is an offense that doesn’t involve any physical violence. They generally are related to financial matters. Building a defense is oftentimes complex and complicated. Some of the sentences for a white collar crime involve, incarceration, fines, restitution and criminal forfeiture.

We will diligently fight for your rights and work to protect your legal rights.