If you are facing a charge for fraud in the Houston area, contact the law office of the Houston criminal attorney as soon as possible.

Our Houston criminal defense firm can defend you in any type of fraud case such as:

It is important to appoint sound legal counsel whenever you are accused of a crime, but especially when that crime involves an accusation of fraud. Fraud crimes carry a social stigma. A conviction for employee theft (embezzlement) could follow your professional career for the rest of your life. Being found guilty of financial fraud, forgery, or writing bad checks could ruin your credit history. What if you are never able to get access to credit or a loan for the rest of your life?

The sentence for a conviction for a fraud charge differs depending on the crime and the severity of the crime. Jail time is always a possibility in any criminal case, however it can oftentimes be commuted in exchange for probation and a fine. Not every conviction has to result in jail time, especially in the cases of financial and white collar crimes.

The Houston criminal defense attorney is an expert negotiator and will work with the judge and the prosecution to reduce jail or prison time as much as possible.

If you are a facing a fraud charge, appoint an attorney with a proven record. Contact the law office of the Houston criminal attorney today to begin your case.