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Murder Lawyer in Houston

In Texas, murder can be a capital offense, meaning you may be put to death if you are convicted for a particularly gruesome crime. Convictions that may result in the death penalty involve murders that incorporate sexual assault, kidnapping, burglary, prison escapes, forethought, treason, children, police or fire fighters. Needless to say, choosing the right Houston criminal attorney could be the most important decision you have ever made.

Even if the crime you are charged with is not punishable by death, you could still face life in a Houston prison and major fines. If you are released, you will face long probation periods and social stigmatization that could affect your future housing and employment opportunities throughout Harris County and the nation at large.

When you are charged with murder, do not wait to seek out your criminal representation in Harris County. It is crucial you hire a skilled Houston criminal lawyer as soon as possible to provide him or her with the longest possible time frame to build you a strong defense. Your attorney can help search for any rights violations or improper evidence to help keep the information out of your trial. Our criminal defense law firm in Houston will conduct a thorough investigation of the crime scene and question all witnesses related to your case. When it suits your case, a skilled Houston criminal defender will work to obtain a winning plea bargain with the prosecution.

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