Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer

Attorney for Violent Crimes in Texas

Violent crime convictions are serious and can leave you with jail time, massive fines, even the death penalty. Selecting a quality Houston criminal attorney can quite literally be a life changing decision.

Our criminal defense in Houston has experience defending people facing a wide array of violent crime charges, from felony murder to arson to assault with a deadly weapon. Violent crimes include a whole spectrum of crimes, all of which we are prepared to defend to our fullest abilities. Cases our Houston criminal defender has successfully tried include:

Our Criminal Lawyer will Investigate the Evidence

When you hire our firm, we will do everything in our power to defend you, including conducting our own investigation of your case. Our Houston criminal lawyer will consult forensics experts, witnesses and any one else qualified to provide testimonies on your behalf. We will seek to weaken the prosecution’s case until your charges are reduced or dropped, or until you are shown not guilty.

When your freedom is at stake, don’t take chances with your attorney. Contact our criminal defense law firm in Houston today for a free initial consultation with an experienced criminal representation in Harris County.