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Lawyer for Probation Violation Charges in TX

In Harris County, probation violations carry severe punishments. If you commit a probation or parole violation, a judge can sentence you to the maximum penalty for the crime you were originally convicted of.

There are two standard types of parole and probation violations; technical violations and the act of committing a new crime while on parole. Technical violations are smaller offenses, such as crossing state lines while on probation or missing a meeting with your parole officer. Committing a new crime while on parole will require hiring a Houston criminal attorney to defend your probation violation, as well as using this criminal defense law firm in Houston to serve in the trial for the new crime you are accused of committing.

When it comes to technical violations, a Houston probation violations defense lawyer can help show your violation was not committed willfully or materially. We will convince the judge that extenuating circumstances left you with no other options. New crimes on the other hand, require a whole new defense strategy invoking details from your last Houston conviction and the new crime.

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Our criminal representation in Harris County is dedicated to defending you to the very end. Whether you are facing a minor violation or a major one, we will remain at your side. An aggressive Houston criminal defender from our firm can fight to win your probation violation case and, if necessary, your other criminal case. Don’t take chances with your freedom, call today to discuss your criminal defense in Houston. We operate throughout Sugar Land, Pasadena, Baytown and Spring, so don’t let the distance shy you away from our firm of top probation defense attorneys.