Houston Criminal Attorney

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Texas

Our criminal attorneys have years of experience fighting for the rights of those who have been accused and arrested for a Houston criminal offense. We represent clients in a wide range of charges from misdemeanors and minor infractions to some of the most serious of felony charges. We are able to provide representation to clients in both state and federal courts in addition to federal appeals. Our law firm defends clients facing the following charges.

Often times we see clients make mistakes with their defense. We have provided some of the common mistakes which can be avoided by hiring a reputable Houston criminal attorney.

Clients representing themselves – A lot of people believe they can effectively provide legal representation for themselves. Many times they think they can get what they need from the internet.,that the criminal judicial system will provide them with a just solution. But this occurs only when all components of the system are in place. If the charge you are facing could result in criminal record, it is essential to obtain legal representation.

Not setting a criminal case for a jury trial – an effective attorney should always be prepared to take a case to trial. Oftentimes defendants will take the initial plea bargain that is offered, but as in a making a large purchase, you shouldn’t always take the first offer. Although there can be exceptions to this.

Neglecting to file for an appeal before the deadline – In Houston, you must file for an appeal within 30 days or the judge or jury’s sentence.

Using the recommendation of a bail bondsman to hire an attorney – It is important to locate an attorney before hiring a bail bondsman. The reason is that many times a criminal lawyer can get the bail reduced or perhaps even obtain a Persoanl Recognizance Bond where the accused never goes to jail.

Failing to get the attorney fee in writing - a Houston criminal attorney usually charges a flat fee depending upon the charges against you. If he is unable to give you a flat rate, then you should inquire as to how many cases he has tried. It may be best to find a different attorney.

Contact our Houston criminal defense law firm if you are facing criminal charges.