Houston Criminal Defense Attorney

Houston Criminal Attorney

Sex Crimes Defense in Texas

The accusation of a sex crime is a serious charge. It can affect your reputation, your ability to obtain employment, your freedom and your dreams. A conviction for a sex offense is a very degrading and humiliating experience. The sentencing for a sex crime can result in registration as a sex offender, jail time and hinder you from many things. The need for a competent Houston sex crime attorney is essential.

We never judge a client. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty by a court of law. We treat all clients with respect and dignity. Often times those accused of a sex crime have been falsely charged. It is our job to do a thorough investigation to build a strong defense.

Being falsely accused of a sex crime is a horrific event. But before speaking with the police you should contact a top criminal defense attorney to advise you. Often emotions are high and you may accidently say something which will help the prosecution.

Our Criminal Lawyer Has Extensive Experience

Our law firm has defended numerous clients for a sex crime charge. We understand the complexities of cases like rape, pornography, lewd conduct, stalking, prostitution, and child molestation. We will work hard to put your anxiety at ease and to find that strategic angle to win your case.

Call us today for a free initial consultation. It will be the best decision you make.